🌶️September 6th - Sauce update

We get curveballs thrown at us daily. United Sauces advised us today that WE will be picking up the work to recreate old listings that have been nuked from the United Sauces site and new orders that have never been listed. This is after 30+ days after meetings and discussions that United would re-create these listings. He nuked/deleted them instead of parking them.

To this point, we have some forensics to do to get further clarity on those sauce holders who are under the scenarios listed below:

  1. You purchased sauce, got your bottles in the mail, and saw your listing active on United, but it is no longer there.

  2. New orders that came after United stopped producing labels and product mocks, and you never saw your product listed on the United Sauces website.

We are working with United to get old invoices and asked if they know their cut-off dates on when new orders stopped being listed (they said no), but it is fragmented and slow to get this historical detail.

It will be MUCH FASTER for us to re-create the listings if we can get each sauce holder experiencing one of the two scenarios above to fill out this form. We will then work to re-create the listings from our side. It will save time and ensure everyone's missing or never-listed sauce sees the light of day on https://apocalyptic.shop .

Please take a moment to hit our support link and fill out the details. It should only take 1-2 mins and will fast-track this by days or weeks:

Visit https://apocalyptic.shop/pages/hot-sauce-support to complete the form.

It's painful, but we understand United's position. We have a payment plan in place, and they are pushing more of the tedious work back to us very late in the game. It's not a big deal; it just takes some information gathering, and then we'll work to re-create your listings.

Again, this is only for holders who have

  1. Had their UnitedSauces.com listing pulled.

  2. Purchased after United stopped making labels and never saw your sauce hit the Unitedsauces.com site.

We have some of this detail from the last few weeks of support activity, but we want to start over on this since we know our list is incomplete and primarily accounts for new orders that have never been listed. Your 2 mins will help us save hours of waiting on United and digging through mountains of invoices to cross-reference on our own.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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