🌶️August 17th - Joint Press Release Hot Sauce


For Immediate Release: August 17th, 2023

A Spicy and Innovative Partnership Emerges: ThrillKicker Entertainment, Apocalyptic Apes, and United Sauces Join Forces to bring you the new unified CPG and Merch Store apocalyptic.shop

In an exhilarating fusion of culinary flair and pioneering digital technology, we're excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between ThrillKicker Entertainment, LLC (operating under apocalyptic.shop), Apocalyptic Apes, LLC, and Hot Shots Inc. (brand known as United Sauces).

Here’s a snapshot of the flavorful and futuristic developments taking place with Fity.eth and friends:

  1. Prompt Dispatch & Order Clearance: As a testament to our collaborative efficiency, United Sauces has already received payment from AAPES, LLC and has restarted the dispatch process to clear all pending AAPES Hot Sauce orders. As of August 16th, 2023, shipping recommenced, echoing United Sauces' unwavering commitment to our dedicated customers.

  2. Digital Evolution with Apocalyptic.shop: Embracing the dynamic world of web3 and eCommerce, Apocalyptic Apes, LLC is migrating AAPES Hot Sauce to the newly formed and unified store, apocalyptic.shop. As we step into September 2023, anticipate the launch of a refined and invigorated iteration of the AAPES Hot Sauce business set for a long-term future.

  3. Revenue Resolutions: The intricacies of the historic AAPES Hot Sauce revenue share model is being diligently resolved. We're ensuring a smooth transition, fulfilling AAPES, LLC obligations, and setting the stage for an innovative new business model.

  4. September Revival: Although our initial aspirations were set on an August 17th re-launch, the collective wisdom from internal deliberations and invaluable input from our core community members has guided us towards a September 2023 launch. This slight delay ensures that when the doors to our online store open, they reveal a well- constructed, innovative platform ready to serve.

On the Horizon:

Collaborations with AAPES, LLC to address and settle historic AAPES Hot Sauce revenue shares. Re-imagining and solidifying models for Revenue Share, Royalty Programs, and Affiliate Programs, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of the food and web3 industry. Rigorous research and testing of the technology that will drive the new AAPES Hot Sauce website and operations. From the complex webs of cryptocurrency to the tangy trails of hot sauce production and distribution, we stand at an intersection where the love for zest meets the marvel of technology.

To AAPES NFT holders, hot sauce aficionados, and our ever-supportive community: your fervor and commitment to our shared vision is the fiery sauce to our endeavors. The road ahead promises innovation, flavor, and a promise of uniting traditional culinary pleasures with the expansive potential of the digital age.

As we lay the bricks for this promising edifice, we encourage each one of you to join us on this thrilling journey. Here’s to turning up the heat and the future of AAPES Hot Sauce!

Warm Regards & Thank You,

ThrillKicker Entertainment (https://www.thrillkicker.co), Apocalyptic Apes (https://apocalypticapes.com), and United Sauces (https://unitedsauces.com) Team

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