📦September 20th - Wholesale Shipping

Apocalyptic Apes Hot Sauce - Wholesale Legacy Program


To our valued legacy wholesalers, Apocalyptic Apes Hot Sauce and Apocalyptic Rations are unwavering in their commitment to ensuring the ongoing success of your business. We've observed and highly appreciate the dedication Hot Sauce holders and lovers have showcased in growing and promoting the brand and their businesses.

*Wholesale orders will be placed through your product listing on apocalyptic.shop. We will issue codes for wholesale this week and are working now to set the MOQ threshold. United Sauces by agreement should not be taking direct orders. We have remained flexible on this point until now to keep people moving. With the re-launch of your listings on apocalyptic.shop our mutual goal with United Sauces is to drive the traffic and commerce to this new destination. We will have solutions for your wholesale business this week.

Protecting Your Investment

  1. Brand Value & IP: Recognizing the brand value of AAPES that you've nurtured, we stand firm in our pledge to prioritize and elevate its stature.

  2. Wholesale Price: Legacy wholesalers have always enjoyed consistent wholesale pricing. This commitment remains unchanged and we will start rolling out wholesale codes to a legacy group that will be grandfathered as wholesale accounts. The timeline for this is immediate and we will start issuing codes by Thursday, September 21st, 2023.

Changes to the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

  1. MOQ as a Business Strategy: Implementing an MOQ to enable retail and distribution is a strategic move, designed to further protect and benefit dedicated retailers. It serves as a filter, positioning serious businesses at the forefront.

  2. Reasoning: Past experiences have taught us the importance of adjusting the MOQ to cater to our shared interests and secure the financial health of the business. Historic models were unrealistic and an expense to the AAPES, LLC. Free shipping and wholesale prices on single or only a few bottles was previously subsidized by the AAPES, LLC. It is a losing proposition as we have learned in the hardest way is not sustainable.

  3. Your Input Matters: Historical data indicates wholesalers have had varied ordering patterns. Acknowledging this, we realize the significance of the MOQ in our future transactions.

Experience and Shipping

  1. Ordering Process: Our focus remains on delivering a streamlined ordering experience. Plans are in the immediate pipeline to introduce a code system, which ensures effortless access to your wholesale pricing.

  2. Shipping Costs: We're on the verge of setting the free shipping threshold, although this is NOT final. With United's policy favoring free shipping for orders over $75, we're leaning towards a 24 to 48-bottle order to meet this. Observations suggest that this volume aligns well with the preferences of many of our wholesalers.

Long-Term Strategy and Vision

  1. MOQ as a Business Strategy: The introduction of an MOQ serves as a mechanism to cater to the diverse needs of our wholesalers, from those who order in smaller batches to those who prefer larger volumes.

  2. Legacy/Grandfathered Accounts: We value the longstanding-relationship with our core legacy wholesalers. Distinguishing them ensures they receive tailored benefits and optimal support.

  3. Future Collaboration: At the heart of our operations is the vision of mutual growth with AAPES. We envision a vibrant community-driven business where every partner thrives and feels connected.

Final Words

We express our deepest gratitude for your patience and trust during this phase of evolution. Our aim is to introduce changes that bolster the bond between our businesses and further elevate the Apocalyptic Apes Hot Sauce brand.

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